700 + opportunities
submited in a year

20 + Companies

20 + Years of Venture
capital investments

500 + Jobs created

150 M Euros AUM
in 5 Funds since 1998

4 Exits - 1 IPO


Riding the wave of digital innovation

United Ventures is a Venture Capital firm focused on the disruptive power of technology, founded by a team of qualified professionals with long experience at top management level. Our mission is to support entrepreneurs at each stage of their business to provide them with the tools to scale up globally.

Our added value
United Ventures' team can boast a long-time experience in entrepreneurship, management and venture capital. We effectively combine industry expertise and financial capacity confirmed by a proven track record of success studies.
United Ventures brings together the skills and experience of Annapurna Ventures - founded by Massimiliano Magrini in 2009 and specialized in seed investing in technology -, and Jupiter Venture Capital - founded by Paolo Gesess in 1999 and specialized in early-stage and late-stage investments.
Along with Massimiliano Magrini and Paolo Gesess, the United Ventures team includes highly qualified professionals with a thorough grasp of the digital technologies market, such as Mario Mariani (founder of the incubator The Net Value and former partner of Annapurna Ventures), and Sergio Zocchi (former partner of Jupiter Ventures), who both have long-time consolidated entrepreneurial, managerial and investment experience.


Who we are

Our project arises from the partnership and shared vision of two well-established venture capital firms: Annapurna Ventures - founded in 2009 by the Italian venture capitalist and entrepreneur Massimiliano Magrini -, and Jupiter Ventures operating in the venture capital industry since 1998 under the helm of the M&A professional, venture capitalist and investment manager Paolo Gesess.
From the meeting of these two backgrounds and mindsets arose a new concept of a venture capital firm with multistage approach, to support both new ventures in the initial stage of their life cycles as well as flourishing businesses willing to take on new challenges.
United Ventures can also count on the consolidated expertise of Mario Mariani (The Net Value, former Tiscali) and Sergio Zocchi, who has been working as venture capitalist in partnership with Paolo Gesess since 2011.
With a long-standing track record of both start-up and scale-up technological companies, we can boast the industry expertise, mentorship and business networking that it takes to create successful companies.


Who we fund

Multistage Strategy

We invest in capable, enthusiastic and ambitious people who aim at creating innovative businesses; entrepreneurs who can truly make a difference and are passionate about their work. We want to grow along with our entrepreneurs and their businesses; together we provide managerial support and network, by sharing the knowledge, best practices and insights that every company needs to have in order to start up or take a step forward. There is no such thing as “good businesses”, but only people who can truly make a difference.

Funding the revolution

Thanks to its multistage strategy, United Ventures can invest in disruptive ideas, setting the basis for scalable businesses with a remarkable capacity to generate profit. Our main areas of interest are:

  • software and Cloud-Enabled Services: we are deeply interested in cloud computing and the way it has radically changed every enterprise and consumer application category, by providing high scalability while reducing total costs of ownership.

  • Mobile: we support entrepreneurs who leverage mobile-led distribution and engagement paradigms across a myriad of platforms and frameworks, creating unique digital media, commerce and application experiences.

  • Internet & consumer services: web technologies empower consumers worldwide to access every type of product and service, whether to share photos, purchase on-demand media, book travels, or buy clothes. We are majorly interested in financial technology, e-commerce, digital media, and marketplaces.

By introducing new disruptive innovation models and social interaction tools, digital services have redefined the concept of "information", how it is generated and the hierarchical structure of its distribution. Start-ups and innovative companies represent the answer to this brand new business opportunity, while venture capitals are the quintessential element in this digital ecosystem to turn disruptive ideas into profitable businesses.

Seed Revolution


6 month incubation

25k United ventures funding
(convertible note)

5% equity stake for United Ventures
and the incubator (if converted)

12 month to convert the
financing provided

Seed Revolution is United Ventures’ acceleration program, devised to support seed projects across all the country, with a special focus on web services, software enterprises and mobile technologies.

Howdoes it work?
Once every quarter, Seed Revolution will select a range of start-ups that will spend a period of 6 months in a partner accelerator, which will help the start-up optimize its services, consolidate the business model and strengthen the team in order to test the idea on the market as soon as possible.

Each start-up receives €25,000 financing from United Ventures, up to €25,000 in cash and/or services from the Partner Incubator, and €12,500 in services from a mentor with specific expertise and extensive industry network.

At the end of the 6-month acceleration program, United Ventures, the Partner Incubator and the mentor will have up to 12 months to convert the financing provided into a stake of 5% of the company each and 2.5% for the mentor.
Moreover, should the start-up meet the expectations, United Ventures will provide additional financing in order to scale up its digital project.

Incubator Partners: The Net Value, Enlabs, Industrio


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Business Plan


We receive more than 700 submission per year. If you want to be effective you have to present your business idea in a brief and concise way. We would like to receive an executive summary with an effective description of your business idea, which underlines the purpose of the company, the problem that you want to deal with and the solution that you want to achieve. We consider thorough an executive summary that presents also an analysis of the market size, the positioning among competitors, the business model, the revenue model and a description of the team. Do you want to submit an investment proposal? If you already have a seed project, submit a “Seed Revolution” business plan. If you have an early stage project or superior submit “Business plan”.