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Massimiliano Magrini

Founder and Managing Partner of UNITED VENTURES
Massimiliano is co-founder and Managing Partner United Ventures. Massimiliano started his career as business development manager and managing director in several media, communications and technology companies across the country. He soon realized the disruptive potential of search engines in the media industry and took part to the launch and management of Altavista in Italy. In 2002 he started Google Italy as founding Country manager and after taking over the management of Google Spain and Portugal,  left Google in 2009  to found Annapurna Ventures, a new generation Technology Seed Fund already well-established as a reference point for tech start-ups.
Massimiliano graduated in Political Science from the University of Bologna and took part to the Task Force on startups of the Ministry of Economic Development, established by the Minister of Economic Development. He has actively contributing to the drawing up of the report on venture capitalism in Italy, which then led to the DL Growth .
He is currently  Vice President of the Touring Club Italiano, Board Member of the American Chamber of Commerce and sits on the board of directors of AppsBuilder, Paperlit and 20 Lines.